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Funding Opportunities


Funding Opportunities

Our avenue is a series of small grants to faculty and students. Faculty may apply to the Faculty Seed Fund. This fund is designed to help Faculty begin an investigation that will lead to a funding application from another source such as the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) or the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).   


Globalization MA students have their own Research Support Fund which provides money to assist in research associated with their Major Research Project. Both PhD and MA students are eligible for a Globalization Essay Prize which recognizes outstanding research on a globalization related theme. 

Faculty Seed Grants

Support for Interdisciplinary Collaborative Investigations: Value: $2,000.00

Each year, the Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition invites applications for seed grants to support research on topics related to globalization and the human condition. The purpose of these grants is to spur and support the initial steps in carrying out globalization research. 


Priority consideration will be given to proposals for interdisciplinary collaborative investigations that will lead to eventual external support of the research. A single award valued at $2,000.00 is being offered. The program will not support conference costs, secretarial services, or equipment purchases.

Contractually limited appointments, postdoctoral scholars, and regular faculty members are all invited to submit applications. Among regular faculty members, priority will be given to members of the Institute. 


Applications are due by no later than Friday, May 24, 2019. To apply, please complete the following application form and submit it to the Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition via email at globalhc@mcmaster.ca (Attn: 2019-20 IGHC Faculty Seed Grant Competition).

Past Recipients: 


2018-19 Recipient 

Netina Tan (Department of Political Science) 

Digital Democracy: Transformation and Public Contestations

2017-18 Recipient 

Olive Wahoush (School of Nursing) 

Bridging the Divide: Pathways for Collaboration among Community Partners for Newcomer Bridging Programs and Supports

2015-16 Recipient 

Juanita De Barros (Department of History) 

Caribbean Connections: Migration to Great Britain in the Twentieth Century

2014-15 Recipient 

Kee Yong (Department of Anthropology) 

The Socio-cultural Legacies of Admiral Zheng He Maritime Silk Route 

Download the Seed Grant Application Form

Graduate Student Essay Prizes

The Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition awards annually Essay Prizes for outstanding research and writing in the area of globalization and the human condition by McMaster students. Separate awards will be given out to the best MA level and PhD level essays. The value of each award is $250.00.


Adjudication will be based on the pertinence of the discussion and analysis for understanding the relationships between globalization and the human condition broadly defined, the originality of the thinking and of the argument presented, the organization of the paper, and the quality and effectiveness of the writing style. Based on the evaluation of the selection panel, winning essays may also be recommended for submission for publication in the Institute’s Working Paper Series.

Nominations for papers should come from the professor offering the relevant course or supervising the student and should include a brief argument about why the essay merits the award.


Nominations for awards are due Friday, May 10, 2019. Please submit nominations to globalhc@mcmaster.ca with the subject line: Nominations for IGHC Student Essay Prizes or to the following mail address:

IGHC Essay Prizes 

Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition 

L.R. Wilson Hall 2021 

McMaster University 

Hamilton, ON, L8S 4K1 


Past Recipients:

2017-18 Recipient (Master Level) 

Holly Smith (Master of Health Management) 

Self-determination of Indigenous Healthcare in Canada: A Scoping Review

2016-17 Recipient (Master Level) 

Daniel Powell (MA in Globalization) 

Beyond Reconciliation: Commemoration, Recognition Politics, and Indigenous Responses to Canadian Nationalist Mythology

Melanie Zetusian (MA in Globalization) 

Unpacking America’s Response to its Downfall in the Post-Cold War Era

2016-17 Recipient (PhD Level) 

Ryan Heyden (PhD candidate in History) 

Provoking Commemoration: The Nazi Past, re-unified Germany, and Gunter Demnig’s Stolpersteine Project, 1990 to Present

2015-16 Recipient (Master Level) 

Fiona Del Rio (MA in Anthropology) 

Is “Just Sustainability” just Sustainability?: or, The Appropriation of Climate Justice by the Mainstream Climate Change Movement

2014-15 Recipient (Master Level) 

Kevin Barnhorst (MA in Work and Society) 

Sovereignty and Insolvency: Argentina’s Odious Debt