IGHC Major Research Project Work-in-Progress Colloquium

In this MRP Colloquium we will have an opportunity to hear about the results from the exciting research that IGHC students have been conducting for their MRP. At the conclusion of the morning everyone involved is invited to a lunch at 12:30 pm at the University Club.




Panel 1, 9:05-9:50 am

Fatima Rivzi, Pakistani Shias: An Existential Dichotomy?


Sabahat Balaban, Global Health Inequities


Tasmin Alam, Apply the Ubuntu Philosophy to Healthcare Practices through Community Engagement Initiatives


Panel 2, 10:00-11:00 am

Marcus Achilles, Indigenous planet politics: Defenders of the Brazilian Amazon in the face of an upending ecological crisis


Marissa Pendley, Is “Good Governance” Enough? The Road to Sustainable Urban Planning in Ghana*


Baiyinah Jivanjee, A Trending Tragedy: Examining the Consumer Purchase Intention of Sustainably Produced Fashion Products


Leah De May, A New Vision of who ‘we’ are”: Literature for the Anthropocene


Panel 3, 11:10-12:10 pm

Gabriela Domingues, Public perception and policies on migration and their influence on migration patterns: the case of Mexico


Mustaf Egal, Global Dimensions of Famine in Somalia


Zaeema Kirmani, Global Climate Change


Josh Kitchen, Dislocated Discontent: Modern Atomization and Digital Spaces



Date(s) & Time(s)


April 26, 2023

9:00 am - 12:00 pm